New Products for 2017

Happy New Year to all our customers and enquirers!

To start 2017 off, we have an 808 style rim, the Aero80 Dimpled clincher.

Prices on the Aero Dimpled page.

These are perfect for TT, Triathlon and stage racing where consistent high speed is paramount. Used by sprinters and stage racers for a few years now, their aerodynamics are well proven.

Not much heavier than the 58mm rims, but in a different league as far as sustaining speed over low profile and typical mid-profile carbon rims.

Super stiff also, and we use them in 20/24h so will be reliable up to 95kg.

Also for Road, we have tubeless versions of Aero38 and Aero50 - and the Aero38 tubeless will be back in a disc-specific format.

We have 2 new MTB rims:

We've gone with an asymmetric 27.5" (650b) rim in 24h and 32h.

Perfect "middle" width that works with standard and "Plus" size tyres equally well.

This is 33mm wide, 30mm deep and is a hookless design. Very similar to the WTB Ci24 in carbon layup but like their i35 in cross section. They are 410g each.

The 29er is our tried and tested XC / AM / Enduro rim in 24h and 32h.

30mm wide, hooked design.

Very light 390g and ride so smoothly. Laced to whichever hub you like, they make you wonder why you bothered with alloy rims. A new league of stiffness, to let your frame start working properly and your skills and speed increase.

ENVE 4.5 SES AR Tubeless rims have arrived. There's so much to say about these rims it might be better to check the ENVE website for info HERE.

If you find yourself taking the comfortable CX bike on and off road these days, this new format of rim is going to suit you. We've been using wider MTB rims on the CX/Hybrid bike for a while now and can tell you, with the correct road tyres - they are fast.

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