Wins and achievements!

Our huge congratulations to Alfie George, winner of the 2017 Youth Tour of Scotland!

Alfie has raced his Aero45 Dimpled Tubulars to overall victory, winning the green points jersey, 2 stages and most of the primes also. A real "tour-de-force" and we are proud to see hum aboard Wheelsmith wheels. He has also used our 38mm tubulars to get to this stage in his career and also has a pair of Open Pro based training wheels.

Here he is with his bike and Wheelsmith wheelset as well as yellow jersey, points green jersey and best Scottish rider jerseys.

It is also Spring Classic season and we are pleased to hear back from riders who have used Wheelsmith wheels in the various sportives around these demanding courses.

One rider, Gavin, has completed all 27 Pavé sectors of the Paris Roubaix sportive aboard the same wheels as Alfie - Aero45 Dimpled Tubulars. For years we were skeptical that this could be done on standard spoking (typically 20/24h) as it claimed some early generation Zipp and HED rims, amongst others. But now the quality of rims and spokes is so good that in the right hands, they can. At least on tubulars with a decent big tyre and the correct air pressures anyway!

Many others have written in with success stories from Flanders and Roubaix, most aboard our Pavé sets which are aimed at these events, both clincher and tubular. Open Pro rims seem to be able to handle it well if sympathetically built - as long as tensions are properly set and even, you will get round.

Thanks for all who have written with your testimonials.


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