Thanks to everyone who emailed to offer their support in these hard times. It's not been easy closing the shop for a bit but it seems very much that it was the right thing to do.

We will be re-opening in a couple of weeks.

You will notice that we have had to cut back on the level of time spent answering the sometimes incredibly detailed and personal email enquiries. Over the years these requests for information have reached unsustainable levels - it became impossible to deal with the volume of dialogue expected by so many emailers. Ultimately, pre-purchased scheduled wheelbuilds were difficult to keep up with - not a situation I was proud of, or could cope with.

To that end, we are not going to try and choose your wheels for you - there is so much information on the website and elsewhere and it comes down to individual choice in the end anyway.

We have reduced the range to a more focussed, manageable amount. Let's see how this goes....

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