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Hi Derek. New wheels are amazing - running schwalbe pro ones on the tubeless rims. The pick up in speed going over the top of climbs is so impressive. Speed is up and watts are down! Every time I've ridden on these wheels so far I've always taken the long way home!

Best wheels I've ridden!

Thanks, B.

Hi Wheelsmith, thanks for sorting out the sorry mess I was left with my Hunt wheels. Like I said, if you aren't prepared to fix a problem, don't create it in the first place. Seems I need to look for something that is repairable in the future and not some hyped up style thing. And I'm not the only one to fall into that trap - my friends Roval wheels are goosed too and he can't even find a spoke! Anyway, the new rims and spokes are great and I have much more confidence in Sapim spokes than the other ones. 4,000miles in already on them without a whisper. Cheers! T.


Hey Derek, just a note to thank you for the Training wheel set. Much better than the price and pictures can tell you. I've been using them all year so far actually as my "best bike" is just too good for me right now but fitness is coming back with the miles and these wheels have been exemplary. They are sure footed and because they are fairly cheap I've been hammering them with much abandon - no problems whatsoever. I'm after a set of TT wheels now so will call soon. Thanks again, D.


Hi Derek, 

Just a brief update fyi. 

Road wheels have been going well. Anna used them for her national championships and came third - photo attached, wheels ran really well on a very hilly course. 

Sean used them also in the national champs and had a good race but the late break he got in was caught with 2k to go; again though they ran really well. Bike with new frame looked great with the wheels.

Sean did manage to win the National MTB champs at Hadleigh this weekend on his MTB wheels - I don't have a particularly good wheel photo but attached is one from the finish line. 

Thanks again for your help this year - really appreciated. 

Kind Regards, A.

Hi Derek. Alfie has had a busy year as he's now on GB Junior Academy....often racing in France/ Belgium or training camps as far afield as Newport , derby and Manchester. He took a win in an uphill sprint finish at the Ster Van Limburgh on your dimpled Aero45s in April!. Thanks very much for all your help. N


Just wanted to send a very quick "Many Thanks" for the gravel wheelset I purchased recently. They are truly awesome! No other way to put it.

Thank you. A.

Hi Derek,
I meant to drop you a line to thank you for the quick turnaround supplying my new rear wheel a few weeks ago.  I'm just back from a holiday on the north west coast of Scotland, where I used the bike every day. I'm either getting fitter the older I get or your wheels have a special ingredient!  The Cervelo was transformed with the 50mm carbon rear wheel, no flex when climbing, held amazing speed on long decents and the sound from the hub is addictive. The only issue I have is the difference when braking compared to alloy wheels (It may be that I need to upgrade my brakes)
I know the carbon wheels should only be kept for 'special days' however, I haven't taken them off since I fitted them! Thanks. N.

For what it’s worth and a bit feedback for yourself:-

I debated for a long time over who’s wheels to go for. It was between yours, Revolver and the main brands which were discounted on Wiggle etc. The deciding factor was simply reading your FAQ’s and the more realistic approach to what someone might/should expect from the new wheels. Since trying the wheels I found your comments to be true – ie maintaining momentum at about 20 mph. Thanks again. R

Hi Derek,

Thanks very much for the assistance in buying the wheels and quick turnaround when I damaged them in that crash. It's good to know proper customer care still exists!

I've had these Race24s for 3yrs now and they have been great. The mileage I've put on these little Wheelsmith hubs is amazing, more than my car gets actually and I needed new Fiat rear wheel bearings after 18,000miles! So I've finally worn through the rims and was looking for carbon now.I hired bike on Mallorca and the Mavic wheels were dead and even went out of true on a 30miler. Interested in the new high temp 38mm tubeless so I'll give you a shout soon. All the best, D.

Hi D, enjoying the Ascents this year already. They are everything your "test rider" claimed - also, I found them very quiet (compared to my Zipps) and the DT free hub is silky smooth. I have neglected a little and left them with salty water on them but after a clean I found no ill-effects. Just set them up tubeless and can testify for your other customers assistance, it is an absolute doddle with the Schwalbe Pro Ones. Many thanks again, K.

Hello Wheelsmith,

Just a note after last year and this year so far on the Race30s. I use them for EVERYTHNG and they are grand. Your advice to go up a few spokes for commuting and that stands true. I got a top 10 on my local APR last weekend - wasn't expecting that. And I rode home and used them all week for work. You can't beat riding your race bike to work and thrashing it at the weekend. I've done 21K on them so far and they've not even squeaked. Crap Irish roads too! Chuffed to bits, G

Hi Derek,


Just wanted to let you know how the wheels have been.  In a word, fantastic.  Feel really fast and accelerate quickly, far better than I was expecting for the weight and depth.  And their aero advantage is really noticeable.  Here they are in action on the Dirty Reiver in Northumberland, the UK’s largest gravel event, where I used them with some 40mm tyres at around 30 PSI tubeless.  I managed to get 11th place on them, which I was pretty pleased with, but will look forward to using them next year to try to break into the top 10.  Thanks for all your help with them.  I am really very grateful. J.

Hi Derek,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say many thanks for the excellent service on the new wheels I ordered from you recently.

As you can see they look stunning on the new bike they were built for and after riding only 60 miles at the weekend I can report back that they are a fantastic addition to the F10. 

The quality of the built, the hubs, the skewers and the rims in particular are excellent. They are very fast already and stop better than my last set of Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL’s and look amazing on the bike I’m sure you will agree. It was excellent advice from you to push me towards this rim over the Enve and I thank you for that. If you have a customer satisfaction form or feedback page I’d be more than happy to provide you with a glowing report. Best regards, J

Derek, another medal! Actually finished the Paris Roubaix sportive this time. Absolutely mobbed and people going down all over the shop but managed to stay upright and came in at 700oddth.  Wheels were exemplary, totally forgiving and glad to go with them rather than carbon - I did notice some "wheel fatalities" in the gutter. Going full tubular next year I think - and maybe disc. It's an addictive experience - even when you swear "never again!". Speak soon, thanks, Gareth.

Hi Derek, just to drop you a line about the wheels you build for the Flanders holiday. Solid and reliable - and for once in my life I felt the same. Had to stop early due to wife being ill but we were both OK for the next day and gave them a good old thrashing. Great wheels and chuffed to bits. Thanks, F. 

Hi, the Pavé wheels are currently resting between bikes. I had them fitted to a carbon neil pryde bura which has now gone home, but they’ll be moving over to another bicycle very soon. they are truly marvellous, just how i figure wheels ought to be made. the bura is a very stiff carbon frame, but the pavés changed all that quite dramatically.

If there was any justice in the world, they’d sell by the truckload.


Hi Derek, wel well well, these wheels are amazing. Thank you so much for the info on choosing them and I'm glad I pushed the budget to get the DT Swiss hubs - they are just like new after a whole year of ..ahem..abuse!? Well, I haven't cleaned them I must admit. One startling thing for me is how fast the deep rim picks up speed - I've read all the 'weight vs aero' spiel and nothing mentions light weight AND aero! These are lighter than my Ksyriums and feel like 'lighting the afterburners' when you hit 20mph in comparison. Great work. Thanks again, Jonathan.

Hi Derek, thanks for sending the wheels so quickly. Caught me out actually as I hadn't bought tyres yet. Got some Shwalbe ONE tubeless and followed some Youtube info on fitting them tubelessly.Lovely ride, glad I went for the Ascents as I don't need anything "aero' at my age - just a little help up the hills and a smooth ride. Now I think back to the 18/19/20mm tyres we used to run - the madness of youth! Have a great Christmas holiday - all the best, Graham.

Hi Derek, I've done a full seasons racing on the Race30s now and I'm delighted with their performance. A couple of podiums always in the to10 and they survived a bad crash with only a few superficial scrapes. Last year, as I mentioned I was on various Mavic and Fulcrum wheels, using the Zeros for rsome races. I can tell you that they are not a patch on the Race30 in terms of stiffness and top end speed. The snappiness out of tight corners in crits is way better with them too. The Race30 are 40g heavier overall yet in  adifferent league for racing. Training too, no energy-soak in climbing and the prefect width for a 25mm tyre. I ran them tubeless for about 6 months. I'll get a pair of Aerp50 Carbon next year- been saving up the prize money! All the very best, Rich.


Hello Wheelsmith! Got the wheels last week, fitted rotors straight away and was amazed that the brakes were perfectly set up! Anyway, I've done a couple hundred Kms and they have totally transformed the bike ( Lapierre  Xelius Ultimate). The original wheels are "meant" to be decent but they are no where near as good. Many thanks for the quick turnaround. Cheers, T.

Hi! A quick run-down of the year on the new Aero50 wheels. I've never experienced anything like it really - better in every way than the Cosmics and the C50s I have owned and braking is even better than the Cosmics with Exalith that came with the Canyon. Stiffer, smoother, lighter, more responsive and faster. what more does a guy want? Another pair as it happens! For my wife's little Scott - it's begging for an upgrade over the Fulcrums. Wil be in touch in the new year. Thank again, Kind regards, F.

Hi Derek
Just wanted to thank you for the wheels. They arrived yesterday safe and well!! Nice and dry his morning so took them out for there first ride and I must say that they are superb. The ride appears so much smoother yet the flex in the rim under power is minimal. Absolutely transformed the bike, handling and power transfer. Thanks again for your help, support and patience...
Best regards,J

Hi Derek.......I am looking forward to the (Cytech) assessment now as I feel quite confident and it's all down to you, thank you. Regards, R. (2-Day Intermediate Wheelbuilding Course).

Hi Wheelsmith, thanks for the wheels (Race30) - done a couple of thousand miles already on them and well chuffed. Hard to believe how much better the bike feels really - it's handbuilt for me from now on. Cheers boys, T.

Hello, a note from France to thank you from the 45mm Dimple wheels, they are very good for my uses. I got 2 podiums in senior this year and am heading to Toulouse for racing and training soon. All is well and I feel the wheels make my bike the way is could be - tight and fast. The Roval wheels were terrible and I waisted money on Mavic too. A LOT of money. The RSYS should be barred! Thanks you very much Wheelsmith. G.

Hey Wheelmsith boys (and girls?), I have been enjoying these new wheels all year now - fantastic response and handling is great in corners, something that wasn't so good with the Hunt wheels I got cheap (they also kept snapping those cheapo spokes!). Buy cheap buy twice my mate said (also a Wheelsmith customer) and sadly proven right. I would like a 12mm axle conversion now as I have changed bike. Will call soon. Cheers, J.

Hello, it's George from NI here, keeping you informed on how the wheels are going - magnificent in a word. No issues over many tf miles in 2 holidays now and although my frame was damaged in transit going to Greece, the wheels are perfect. I damaged a spoke though at some point but they are still in true. Will order one off the website. Hope you are well, all the best, G.


Hi Derek, just telling you how I've been getting on with the 58mm dimpled set I got this year. 2 races at 3rd cat and 1 at 2nd cat and I've been using them for a bit of training too. The braking is much better than the Zipps I reckon - not much in it but maybe better in the wet. Remember I couldn't get a rim for them well, sold them now and I'd like to get a spare rim for the 58s, at least purchased and put aside with you in case of emergence! All the best R.


Star Letter (!): 

"Hi there, I was waiting until you reopened to write- hope it was nothing serious and you are on the mend. Anyway, I got a pair of carbon tubs from you in 2011 (see correspondence trail) and have only done 2-3,000km each year on them, like race miles(kms) only. Always looked after them and cleaned/oiled them etc but today, just getting them out the shed I noticed a damaged spoke. I remember at the rime you did free spokes but can't see this on your website now - can you send one or two out to me or organise pickup of the wheel to fix it and send it back so I can start the season, address attached. Great wheels by the way." Cheers, Gary Thomas.


Hello, just a note to thank you for the excellent wheels and  quick turnaround. Did the full Devil Ride at Le'Tape du Wales in just over 11hours and these Race30s I can thankfully say are the most dynamic and solid alloy wheels I've ever had. Climbing was strangely more efficient than the worn out R-Sys I had, which are lighter. Stiffness might be the answer but they aren't harsh, on the contrary, lovely and compliant. 10 minutes faster than same distance last year. Great stuff boys - I'll be back for something different for the CX season later. All the best, K.


Star Letter:

"Wheelsmiths, I damaged a rear rim of yours last weeks crit and need a replacement as soon as possible. No I see you are closed for some time. This is not what I expected and must say that I am deeply disturbed by this. After all, I purchased these wheels so I could get spares and repairs done straight away and not in a weeks time or whatever. You need to contact me asap as I have another race this Sathrnday and you need to fix the wheel for that. If you do not, I will take my business elsewhere and post on Bikeradar. Please replay asap. Mark Orchard."


Hi Derek, thanks for the wheels - lovely job and the fastest I've had. Glad you managed to get them out before you took a break. Hope that is going well mate - you deserve it. Cheers, K.


Hi Derek. Hope your well. Thought I would drop you a quick mail with a couple of pics of the bike that I built up with your wheels attached!! It's a Cannondale Synapse with a custom paint job and of course your rims. Feel free to use the pics if you want to do a bit of advertising on your site etc. Thanks again and the wheels are great.Ta,G.

Hey Derek, I see (and heard) you were closed, don't worry if you don't see this - it's just a BIG thank you for the superb job you did of these Aero45 dimpled wheels. I've been having a lot of fun on them ;) Hope you are in better health now - speak soon. BW's, J.

Hi Derek, here's a pic of my new bike with the new wheels. I got about 100miles on the original wheels and the new Race30s make it feel like a real bike should. Great stuff. Hope you are well and opening up soon. Kind regards, K.

Derek, thanks for the Race 30's I got in March - just back from the Dolomites and the wheels were about the only thing that went without a hitch! It was a mental "holiday" - full of thrills and spills. The weather was mad too - but it all came good when we got a free flight home. I'll pop in sometime when passing. Hope your are on the mend and please, please, please take it easy! Best wishes, David.

Hi Derek, don't want to bother you but just a note to thank you so much for the 2 pairs of wheels we purchased from you last year. They have been un and down countless thousand of metres of climbing in France, Italy and Spain over the last year and never a ping or pong out of line. Lovely ride and a complete turnaround from the "free" wheels that came with our bikes. Cheers boys, R.

Hello Derek, just a line to wish you well with the current situation and I know how hard it can be to deal with these things and run a business too. All the best with the recovery and I must add that it has been a pleasure dealing with your for the last few years. Not often you bump into someone so committed to his job of trying to keep everyone happy all the time! I hope the restructuring goes well and mind how you go - don't take any sh1t! mate. I can tell you with pride that the 50s are going great - every ride is a pleasure and I'm now getting to the point of pushing them the way they were intended! All the best mate, T.

Hi Wheelsmith lads, Just getting around to thanking you for the quick turnaround when I needed the Race30s for the opening season event - super stuff - and these wheels are such a massive improvement on the 3 sets of wheels I already have. I've spent far too much on "proprietary" wheels over the years and still have a pair of Shimano sitting unable to get spares for. Handbuilts is the way for me now. Cheers lads, P.

Hi Derek, thanks for rebuilding my ENVE rims into a realistic hub - the Tunes haven't lasted long at all and I am still peeved at the issues getting spares for them. Anyway, the DT hubs seem to make a stiffer wheel just like you said - and at leas now I know I can get spokes if any get damaged. I have another pair, Ambrosio F20 Crono on Tune hubs I'd like you to do the same to. Will call. Thanks for now, T.

Hello Derek, just a quick line to say thanks for the Aero50s I ordered in November. They have done a lot of winter miles over here in fairly decent weather for the country and they add a different dimension to the bike over the stock wheels and the Bontrager things I bought for it - I'll be back in Scotland in March to hit the usual Crow Road etc loops. Hope you are well - keep up the good work. Best wishes, E.

Hi Wheelsmith - Sandy here - remember the Race30/DT240 build for a fatty? Got 2000miles in son these including an early year training camp and I've lost 1stone already and counting. Fat burning Zone1 stuff on tedious turbo nights-in but I can tell you that these wheels can shift, haven't missed a beat all this time and are so smooth and taught, they have relegated the Ksyriom Mavic wheels that came with the bike to my son's 20yr old bike now. I'll be back for another pair when I hit 85kg again - injury rehab is like a magnet for gaining weight! Kind regards, T.

Hi Derek, "Whoosh" - finished a hard year on the Aero45 wheelset and loved every moment of it. Took your advice on tyre choice and really liking the Vittorias. I've got a pair of tubeless Rovals and I'm sure the dimpled set is faster and the ride is definitely better. Not sure what bike to put them on now, might need a second set. All the best, J.

Hi! These 45 dimpled wheels have seen me well all year guys - not a grumble. I'd like to go for the 58's for time-trialling now after exploited some noticeable improvements with the 45s. Stages cranks now tell me I'm faster than Training Peaks could account for!! Great fun all this spending money lark. Anyway, please give me a quote for 58's on DT hubs. Ta. R.

Alright Derek, thanks for the wheels sir. Done a pb on end of year event at Herne and didn't fall off this time! Wheels are worth about 30W at 25mph compared to Ksyriums I reckon. Same as some of yr other customers but I'm fat so hard to tell exactly. Have a good one mate, D.

Hi there, I was the guy who pestered you earlier in the year about these 45mm dimpled wheels. Glad I got them from you - now done about 2000miles down here in mostly dry Wales this year (!) and have loved every minute. I even set them up tubeless, despite your advice - and they have held up fine. Been careful not to drag brakes and went on a mountains road riding course in Majorca this year too. Amazing what you learn about braking despite thinking you "know it all". I'm after a pair of Race30 on Hope now - will ne in touchj int he new year. All the best, T.

Hi Wheelsmith, Just to say cheers for the wheels. Great choice by the way. Totally knackered trying to het a spare rim for the Shamals and these weren't much more than a total new front wheel alone. Top tip if you don't already, keep plenty spares in stock - unlike Campagnolo!!!All the best mate, H.

Hi derek, thanks for all your help during the year with my many queries, finding the right wheels for me. Also, the help you gave me when I had a few problems following the crash and maintenance I needed was superb. I can 't tell you how much people like me value this kind of stuff - I can't see me getting much help from the big companies when it comes to what tyre pressures I should be using and how to change a cassette etc. I'm now after a pair of TT wheels and have a few questions........Many thanks, P.

Hey Derek, Hope you are well. 

Thought it was worth letting you know I recommended you to a guy I met down in Norwich earlier in the year and was just talking to him, he thanked me for putting him in your direction; he’s a tri-athlete and got a set of the 58mm aero dimple wheels, since he got them he’s saving about 3 minutes an hour on his previous times. Result! Regards, M.

How's it going? Just to say thanks for the  45 Dimpled wheels I got off ya in March. Done a load of miles of our crappy Irish roads now and they've been grand - no issues at all. Need new pads so I'll put the order through the site. All the best, T.

Hi Derek, greetings from Toulouse! Many thanks fo the wheels - I have now ridden every col in the Pyrenees I can find to ride since retiring and moving over here and they haven't uttered a single creak or groan - unlike myself! A lot of local lads here have been enquiring and I hear you got an order from one during the year! Keep up the good work. I am coming back over in February so hope to order a pair of Ascents for my wife and pick them up when over. Have a great Christmas. J.

Hey Derek, pic attached as promised. Taken the Race30 set to France this year and got a "PB" on the Ventoux - also completed Marmotte and a short part of Paris Roubaix cobbles on them and I can say they are as good as the day they arrived here. The DT hub option was definitely the one for me. Thanks for all your advice and I'll be proudly riding them next year on the Etape. Cheers, T.

Hi Wheelsmith! Been on the Ascents for 3 months now and I am truly smitten. Thought they might be a bit light for me after being used to heavier factory wheels and that - and also having a really bad experience on the Fulcrums in side winds but no fear here. They climb brilliantly and I can't feel any flex when gunning it. Went tubeless too and have an all-up weight of 1924grammes! Superb. Cheers and hope you have a good festive break. G.

Hi Derek, Thanks for the wheels. Bit of trouble getting them on because the weird Mavic tyres I've got don't fit much else very well - I think they are definately NOT tubeless ready as-in not able to get on a tubeless rim at all! Changed to Continental GP4000 and they absolutely fly! Bombed my local 20mile loop on the Wed chainy and held speed so easily compared to before. I reckon the Race30 keep about 20W in reserve compared to R-Sys on the flat at about 22mph. My Stages is pretty consistent, so I was pretty chuffed with that. What surprised me most was how well they climb. I couldn't produce any flex in the rear, with about 650W banging though it on Box Hill. Nice one mate, glad I found you. Cheers! B.

Derek/Aaron, got the wheels thanks. Been out a few times and can't believe the difference. I know the Rovals were on their last leg but the difference in performance with the Ascents is staggering. Stiffer (it seems), defo faster and lighter feeling on the climbs - and the Hope hubs are lovely, no where near as rattly as they used to be on MTB hubs. Great wheels are I've entered Marmotte so should be find for that.Thanks guys. R.

Hey Guys, jut a short note to thank you for my husbands wheels, the (30 ones with the orange hubs). He was harping on about them for his 40th, and I thought I'd shut him up with the present, but now he's like a broken record banging on about how good they are.  I hope that doesn't sound like a backhanded compliment, just a funny story and a great big thanks for making us both happy. Cheers, Clem.

Hey Derek, nearly a year since getting the wheels and I'm sorry for taking so long with the promised review! Anyway, I've been cycling for over 20yrs and apart from a power meter, these wheels are the best performance upgrade I've ever bought. It's the 45mm clinchers - they are way better than anything I've had for holding speed on anything except like 10% climbs and even then they climb better than the Ksyriums and whatever I've used before. Stiff, fast and smooth. DT hubs are lovely too and I upgraded the ratchet for Chris King style pickup. Sublime mate. Chapeau! Have  a good one, T.


Hi Derek & Aaron, thanks for all that help you gave me on choosing the right wheels. I can tell you after 10months of hammering them up and down the Crow and beyond that they are still like the day I got them, running true and smooth. I got into a bit of a hairy one hitting about 50 coming down the Tae one day when a DOG came out of nowhere and nearly took me out. Glad I went for the Race30s cos they stopped on a sixpence and I could smell the brake pads melting! Happy day - back for some carbon race wheels in the new year. All the best, F.

Hi Derek,


Thanks for the wheels, they (Race30 DuraAce) came on Friday and I had a chance to test them out yesterday. The thing that I really noticed right away was the comfort; running at 75/85 PSI front/rear my road bike felt much smoother over the undulations. This doesn't come at the expense of speed though, quite the opposite.  They definitely climb better and seem to hold onto speed better under all conditions than my existing RS61's.

Great wheels, and I'll be in touch at some point about a disc brake set for my cyclocross bike when I can afford it!

Cheers, E.

Hi guys, just back from Majorca again and can catergorically say that I am completely taken by these Race30 wheels. DuraAce hubs are superb, smooth as silk and the package is spot-on. Never have I enjoyed climbing so much. Original wheels were dead, Fulcum carbons flexed all over the place, Zeros broke and the hired bike last trip had Zondas which creaked. These things are like a night and day difference. thanks guys for finally sorying out my wheel woes! Regards, Tom. 

Hi Derek,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for building up my aero dimpled 45mm clinchers so quickly and getting them posted in next to no time.
I am very impressed with the quality of the rims, spokes and pleasantly surprised at the hubs too.
I tested them out today and he bike felt spot on. Flat roads defianetly show an improvement in aero dynamics helping keep my average up nicely.
Comparing them to some Zipps in mt LBS I have to say these wheels are superb value for money.
Plus they look stunning on my bike.
Kind regards


Dear Derek, thanks for getting the Race30s out last week. What a difference over the Ksyriums! Faster up and down and hold speed so much better on the flat. I never really had much confidence in the Mavic carbon spokes and now realise how flexy, harsh and slow they are when you are up to a decent speed. They did seem to climb well but I think that was just initial kick with a really light rim, sustaining speed on a climb had them flexing in comparison with the Race30 (which are rock solid by the way). Amazing how giving up 100-150g in wheel weight makes the wheels surprisingly faster. But then that's what you told me. Hard to get across I know but I'm glad I listened. Yours, R.

Hi Derek,

Loving the Race 30 (DT Swiss 240 hubs). Managed a couple of hundred miles mixed terrain so far, spin up really fast and hold speed great. No flex when I’m “tramping” up 16%, and around 5-10% quicker on flatter routes. Can’t wait to take them to the Dolomites.

Thanks, M.

Mate, hands down these Race30s are THE are the best alloy wheels I have ever ridden - full stop. They are stupid fast and so lively. Spin up so fast and just hold speed. Awesome. Nick at "Hooked-On-Cycling" Bathgate.

Hi all at Wheelsmith,
Just a short message to say thanks for building me a superb set of your Aero Carbon 50mm wheels. They really are a nice set of wheels and have transformed the way my bike rides and looks I don't race and am not a fast rider by any stretch of the imagination but I do like to ride big miles over all sorts of roads and I am amazed by how much difference the wheels make. They climb very well and are much smoother on all road surfaces than the wheels they replaced. I have to say having heard all the horror stories about braking with carbon rims that it's just not true the brakes are as good as aluminium rims in both the wet and dry using the pads that came with the wheels.
Once again thanks and keep up the good work. Karl

Hi Derek,

Put a few hundred km's on the wheels and am really enjoying them (Aero45 Dimpled). Above 30 km/h they save me around 30 watts which is pretty significant and means I can ride a little harder for longer! They are very stable and not affected by cross winds at all, a pleasant surprise is just how much difference they make in head winds, don't have to change gear or ease off the pace to compensate.

Even at low speeds they spin nicely and don't feel any different to lower profile rims, the only slight compromise is that they don't quite have the initial acceleration of lower profile rims on a climb but that is to be expected.

All in all a great set of wheels.

Cheers for building them.


Hi Wheelsmith! 

I've just completed a second sportif on these Race30s and couldn't be happier. There is a strange ironic thing going on with adding 100g or something over my old wheels (Campag Neutron Ultra) and finding it makes them faster! I've got a personal Strava best on a hillclimb section just out of York and that was with a bad hangover! Doing a little check on stiffness and you are right about them showing up my other frame - it's got to go! The Colnago is now sublime and speed-wobble with the Neutrons has now gone with the Race30s. The tracking link you sent worked a treat and I changed the address straight away to the hotel I was staying in - got them the next day at reception! Good system that UPS thing. Many thanks for everything - I'll be back for a set of Hope Hoops before the winter. Cheers. A.

Dear Derek

Just to update you and plug your wheels! Alfie has now taken 15 wins on the Aero38 wheelset at U14 and now U16 age groups, including 7 wins in National races, and the British Cycling National Circuit Series 2015.

He won Stage 3 at Youth Tour of Scotland last month and last weekend won the final Stage of Isle of Man Youth Tour.

The wheels are still going strong despite a gouge from a crash last month in Durham. Ally at Richards in Perth has kindly trued them up a couple of times as well as banged in a replacement bearing. As well as being lightweight and aero, the Wheelsmith hubs still spin forever, and are pretty robust with those Conti 25mm Gatorsking tubs.

Attached a few of pics of his wins at Youth Tour of Scotland and Isle of Man (kindly supplied by Graham Penny and Joseph Armstrong).

Best wishes and thanks for all your help and advice last year.



Hello Derek. Many thanks for my new carbon wheels (Aero50 Clincher). I am enjoying them immensely since getting the bike built and after the initial hesitance to "all things new", it appears my doubts were unfounded. Not only is Di2 one of the best (and easiest setup) things since sliced-bread but I find braking on carbon rims to be a pleasure. There is a feeling in the wet of a slight lack of modulation initially but it really is transient and my brain learned it straight away. Dry braking is better than my SLRs - and they have the black Mavic stuff on them! All in all, a pleasant experience from phone to bike. Great sevice Wheelsmith, highly recommended! Thanks again, J.


Hi boys, thanks for the wheels, they helped me really enjoy the "holiday" and I'm so glad I never hired a bike. The Race30 wheels are the best think I've put on this bike and I felt as if my cassette had been changed for bigger sprockets! Really enjoying them right now and I'm sure with these lovely Chris King hubs, for years in the future too - thanks a lot guys. G.


Derek, got them on Friday (Aero60 Tubular), got a "pb" of 21'52" on Sunday. What can I say - chuffed to bits. Noticed a few lighter guys on 45mm rims - think I'll get them for winday days too. I'll go tubs again. Next pay check though! Cheers, D.

Hi Wheelsmith! I can finally let you know how the Aero50s compate with my old knackered Planet Xes (remember my initial enquiry - maybe not ha!?). Anyway, in a word #twiceasgood. Handling is sharper, forward energy is applied better and comfort is much better. Could be the rim and spokes? - the Planet Xes have pretty crap spokes that kept braking. The hubs are better too. The PX ones got gritty in a month -yours still seem really smooth after some dreadful weather and the tour of the north, perhaps a better seal by the looks of it. So, that maybe answers the question. Faster and better, basically. But you get what you pay for I suppose. And every time I had a problem with PX, they fobbed me off with all sorts of tricks. Good work guys anyway and cheers for the support with my other wheels over the years - cheers - Baz.


Hey Derek, got a good few miles on the Race30s now mate - these are great - a new chapter for me in wheels really. The feeling of solidity and speed is better than I've ever experienced. Going from the Shimano C24s to these is like going from my spindly 90's Titanium Lightspeed to the Colnago C60. A curious blend of feeling better attached to the road, yet much easier to maintain race speeds in all conditions. Cornering is superb and climbing tracks better. No lag, just forward motion. Thanks for taking the time to get them to suit me, it feels a couple of extra emails and ££s paid off. All th ebet boys, T.


Hi Derek/Aaron: My wife and I would like to let you know how we got on with our wheels built for our September holiday. Firstly, the pre-hol tests surpassed all expectations, both for the Race30 and the 45 Dimpled. We are similar weights and heights so it is easy for me to swap bikes and compare. On the Pyrenees however, we stuck to our own bikes and my tubulars performed flawlessly. The increase in performance of the 45s over my SLRs is similar to changing the entire bike for something twice the price! Stiffness, comfort and top end speed is in a different league. The Race30s redefine "lightweight and bombproof" also. Years ago a stiffer wheel meant a harsh wheel, but these are simply buttery smooth. I've got to hand it to you - handbuit wheels used to be just a lace-up job of Mavic Open Pros/boring hubs and even they used to be better than factory wheels - but given the expertise of someone who has an "engineering head", it is clear some "magic" can happen. 

We rounded off our trip of 3000km with over 25,000m of climbing (and decending) and the only thing to go wrong was 1 pair of tubs and 1 pair of Veloflex Corsa worn down to the canvas. 2 superb pairs of wheels and I can recommend wholeheartedly both the 45 Dimpled tubulars and Race30 for anyone wanting the best of all worlds for road racing/sportives/fast riding etc. The only thing I need now is a deep set for TT but going by the "lift" the 45s give, I can make do for now ;-> Many thanks boys, P.


Tasty, tasty - I took them out of the nice box and they were like jewels in my hands. Those Chris King hubs are finally in my hands! I love them on my bike, such nice wherls. My club mates lookes on in amazement and even beter, every one loves the sounds. Perfect, perfect. They feel like a new bike. It is good that the weather is beter here now and I can get out - the feeling is so good. I cannot wait until the next ride. felicitations to you all - I really like my new wheels. My friend Tomas is going to call you. Thanks. J.


Alright fellas, thanks for the wheels - Derek, you do a great job. Had a good blast on them last week and I'm now glad I can get "wheel anxiety" out of the way. These things are the real-deal and I now realise how much of an upgrade a "bespoke" pair of wheels is. Excellent work - thanks so much. F.


Hi Derek, simply fantastic - that's all. The new 30 rim is everything I wanted in a pair of wheels - how strange that a heavier set of wheels can feel lighter and actually be faster - especially up hills. The weightweenies need their heads looked at - 100g can make a HUGE difference. You are right that flex=slow. And you reach the limits of physics I guess with a super light alloy rim. I've been checking the Fulcrums at the weekend and they areen't anywjhere near as stiff. I thought they were OK but back to back they actually feel pretty sh*t - and they are nearly new. Ebay beckons!!! All the very best, T.


Boys, thaks for all your help with my wheelset. Just got to say how excellent they are - finished a "century" ride at the weekend and feel much more refreshed than I used to on the Mavecs. Think its the combo of real steel spokes and a wider rim. Also, the feel "finely tuned" to my weight etc. Good work - many thanks. J.


Hi Derek,Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the wheels (Pavé/Miche/CX-Rays). They look fantastic - but more than that have transformed the ride, running an all weather 25 they have a great profile and seems really planted.It'll be easier to keep my good bike for best now that my winter bike is so much nicer to ride! Thanks Again. Very best regards D.


Dear Derek, I have them now on my bicycle and I love them so! I love the way they are faster and feel stronger than all old wherls in my posession. Also sir, I will be racing with these ones when the snow says bye-bye because also they are better than my carobn wherls and the Mavic and the Shimano ones also. MVH, J.


Derek, thanks for helping me with my hub problem. Not many people would help a non-customer with a 25yr old pair of wheels and not take any money for it. That's how the cycling fraternity used to be before Evans and Chain Reaction came along - watch out mate, guys like you need to earn money! Thanks again, Kev. PS: I felt bad about that guy that was in at the time, he was totally taking the p*ss - some of these guys nowadays need to get a diffferent hobby! I salute your indefatigability! Cheers.


Dear Wheelsmith, thanks so much for building me the Race30s on Hope hubs. These are easlily the best wheels Ive ever had, and I've had FulcrumZeroes and all sorts of exotic stuiff. What I notice most is the way they put the power though them - there is no flex or lag like lighter wheels - and they are no slouch on the climbs. I took them round the old Box hill route and felt like a new man, with a new bike! Great stuff. And thanks for helping me with the old wheels, never realised how simpleit was to fix them, you know your stuff and I take my hatof f to your patience with customers like me! Haha. All the best, J.


Dear Derek, here is the much promised review of the Aero45 dimpled since purchase. Firstly, they needed no setting-up, unlike my previous Zipps. No troublesome split-ring adjustment on the cones or pre-setting "wobble" at the brake blocks. Just went straight on. 2ndly, they are super fast. I noticed straight away they reminded me of a Colnago Master I had years ago: special from the off, and a feeling that they were custom made for me to ride fast, the faster you ride, the better they get. They are better than the standard Bontragers in every way by orders of magnitude. And they are heavier! This is not a placebo-effect, it is from riding them hard for a fortnight now and in every weather on every road I can find. I'll update you with a long term test asap - just enjoying them for now. A top-notch product. Thanks again, F.


Bingo! I defiantly made the best choice od wheels for use in Sunny Sweden! Many thankyous for your help/time/effort/expertence/calm nature. It is like Sweden 20yrs ago when people cared!. I have been on these wheels for one months and it is the best month of cycling EVER. I love you. Kindest regards and love to you and your family. G.


Helloy guys, many thanks for the level of assistance you have shown me over the last few years. I'm no longer a "novice" now I hope and I have been on a couple of courses now to allow me to fix my bike. But it is comforting to know that the retailer cares with their hand built products - restored my faith in British manufacturing for after-sales! I'd like to order a pair of the Race30s now, after hearing so many good reviews. Ideal for taking to sportives abroad I hear? Will call after pay-day! Cheers, G.


Hi Derek, thanks for helping me out the other day. Doubt if I'd get that level of customer service from the big online companies, in fact you don't bevause I've tried it and they don;t want to know their customers most of the time. Anyway, it seems I've dented the rim on something so your assumptions were correct. A new rim replaced sounds a really good price so I'll go for that. Many thanks again for taking the time away from wheelbuilding to help me! Regards, B.


Hello Derek, Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the Pavé wheels which I received this morning. By Jove, you don't often see quality like that nowadays! 

Everything about this transaction has been deeply satisfying- the communication, attention to detail, even the packaging were all first class. And may I also say your website - complete with helpful advice - is very professional, accessible, well laid out and just a pleasure to use. 

Thanks again and I look forward to ordering another pair (carbon racing wheels) in the not- too-distant-Future. Thanks P.


Hi Derek,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for firstly the great service and secondly the awesome wheels (Aero45 Dimpled)!
They arrived yesterday and the 25mm tyres today. I went for a ride and cannot believe what a difference they make to the comfort and quality of ride.
I know already there is a power advantage of around 15 watts as well. Thanks again and here's a couple of photos for you.


Hi Derek,

I was delayed riding the new wheels for the lack of a socket to secure the centre lock rear disc rotor..... That got sorted and I have now run the new wheels for a 150+ miles and it's time for some well deserved feedback ...... I am totally chuffed with the Pave rims, centre lock DT240 hubs and CX-Rays.  This pair of wheels look the absolute 'biz'...... but more importantly they are easy to spin up, provide a super comfy/secure ride and handle the road surfaces hereabouts with aplomb.  In short the materials used and Wheelsmith's workmanship inspires confidence and has transformed the bike........ Thank you once again for your help and guidance through the decision process. S.


Hi Derek/Aaron: thanks for the wheels boys - just back from the Tour and got some of the stages done on them. I think the 30mm rim was a good choice - they do pick up speed quickly and I can sustain speed better. Could have been the fresh mountain air though - I've never been so "high". We stayed near the Tourmalet and that was a fantastic experience - made all the better with a solid dependable set of wheels. I'm after a set of the dimples for UK riding - will be in touch soon. All the best, R.


Hi Derek,

Just a quick email and some feedback on my ZTR Creat MTB wheel build.  I've used in several races, both international and UK, various terrains including 6 day stage race in Patagonia.  Happy to report no issues what so ever.  Strong, robust, reliable and durable over all surfaces. So thanks again for a great build, I'm heading back to Nepal for the yak attack 2015, there could you also let me know if you can build with the new ztr carbon rims, as the only improvement I could make now is a reduction in weight. Thanks again. P


Hey Derek. Thanks for the wheels. I fitted them to the bike on Sunday for a quick TT rehearsal and am proud to let you know I got a pb from the off!!! The 60mm rim is perfect for these events and I'm glad I took your advice. Nice hubs by the way, I didn't expect a little Taiwan hub to be so smooth and solid feeling! Best wishes for the rest of the year - I'll be back next year for a disc setup for the road bike. Cheers, J.


Boys, got the wheels last week as promised by the tracking link. I was immediately impressed by the build - these dimpled rims are beautiful to behold. Fitting to the bike was easy, tyres went on well and I noted the 1st ride instructions in the Chris King details. After a quick nip up, I went for a 60 with a club mate and it was like a new cycling experience for me. The first half of the loop I was looking for the kick, and I reckon it happens at about 17-18mph with little air speed. The comfort and reassurance on all ups and downs was pretty special. I have tried cheapo carbon wheels before and found the modulation under braking was poor, the ride harsh, bad in side winds due to thick bladed spokes and ultimately, they didn't last long before failing. These just feel in a different league. Then, for the rest of the day I must admit I forgot about them. I was like a new man, new performance unleashed. Exactly what I was hoping for. I'm talking about a feeling like I had just found 20watts from somewhere! It's the same every time I go out. Great fun and when a new set of wheels makes you look forward to each and every ride, it must be a good thing. You've done well with the sourcing and experience-led design - they are a winner! All the very best, T.


Hi Derek,

Very impressed with the dimpled wheels so far. They are a lot "comfier" than my Zipps, which is a very difficult thing to rationalise. Perhaps it's small undulations in the road that are dampened in some way. Anyway, as they are very similar in shape and size, perhaps identical even, I am used to the dynamics, and to have a little more comfort is always a good thing! Also, crash repair costs and build quality is much improved. It's a "no-brainer" as they say. Many thanks for you good work. James.


Boys, got wheels Friday, got a 2nd in local crit on Sundy. Thanks for everything - surprised by everything too. You got them out fast and they've made me faster. Side to side comparison with mates 303s would indicate whatt you say about the rim build qualirt, and he's had issues with his bearings, rims had to be send to USA for replacement too. Keep up the good work guys, all the best, T.



Just a quick thank you for the wheel build, the Aero 38 are fabulous, I have ridden a few different 50mm carbon wheels, but these are by far the best I have ridden. With  25mm tyres, and latex tubes the ride quality is noticeable. I have done a couple of rides over same coarse  which I have done for years, and even at my age I have bettered some of the P/B times, so that must be down to the wheels.

Once again  a big thank you. Thanks, N.


Hey guys, got the 60s on at the weekend and they do indeed fly. We did some 25 training too and they don't seem perturbed by side winds as much as the old Enve 45s. This is surprising give the deeper section. Ill be doing a 50 next weekend on a flat course and will have the SRM setup so can monitor progress. I'm feeling good right now so form-wise should be able to notice wheel difference well I think. They are definitely a better setup in all respects than the Enves. Thanks a lot boys, F.


Hi Derek,

Now had the opportunity to ride the wheelset, Pave Rim/CX-Ray and R45 Hubs...... I can't imagine you have not heard this all before but, nevertheless, I wanted to let you know that they ride 'sweet and comfortable' ..... a lot more so than the wheels they replace -Mavic's  Edition Speciale.  I am going to get a lot of use and pleasure from them.....Thank you for the care, expertise and professionalism that went into their build.



Hi guys, these Aero60s are fantastic. Got them out in the decent days we've had recently and did a side by side comparison with the 303s. No comparison as it happens, they are in a different league aerodynamically. Fabulous! They are also bizarrely lighter so tramp uphill better too. Will call in a few weeks for Aero38s to replace the dated 303s. Thanks, all the best, F.


Hi Ta wheels awesome was flyin at our Apr on wed then cycled to Inveraray 70 mile yesterday !

Derek. Thanks. Two short rides later I'm a happy bunny. Jesus those bearings are smooth!! Haha no wonder your test rider was in tears :-)

In a word, lovely! M.


Hi Derek

Ashamed to say that my new wheels had to wait until today for a proper run, the annual ‘cyclo’ (non-timed sportive) that marks the Paris-Nice stage race that starts tomorrow. Nice to be flagged off the line by one of my boyhood idols, Mr Bernard Hinault himself! Anyway, the wheels were bloomin’ excellent, no noticeable loss of efficiency compared to my ’summer’ wheels (a pair of Mavic R-SYS SLRs that cost 7 or 8 times as much as your wheels…) and giving what I can only describe as a very plush ride. I was deliberately seeking out holes, manhole covers, joints etc, testing them out for the Tour of Flanders in April. Really impressive, they feel solid and elastic.

In short, a happy customer. Cheers, D.



Don't shoot me down here but I've been using the Aero50s all winter for training and that and I'd just like to say - they are fantastic. I've cleaned them well but the weather's been OK and any crud just washed off. Bearings are good, rims like new and I'm satisfied that they are up to the race season ahead. I'd like a pair with disc hubs soon too as I've bought a new frame. Top tip for anyone is to keep brake track and pads clean - it takes minutes, and braking in wet and dry is really good. I've ready tomes on this and WTF? it must be people who either haven't used carbon, brake like baboons or are scared of the rain that complain - I didn't see any issue. Will give you a shout soon. Cheers mate, G.


Hi guys, thanks very much for the time spent building my wheels and answering the questions. These are easily the best cycling-related thing I've ever bought. What I notice mostly is how lively they are to accelerate. the extra speed I can carry on rolling roads and stiffness in corners and climbing too. Not an easy thing to explain perfectly but I'm glad I took the plunge. Ksyriums relegated to training wheels now as previously expected. Braking on the carbon is very good though and I'm not too bothered about taking them out in the rain. Last weekend was wet and I was experimenting with pads. I reckon the SwissStop Black Evo ones are definately the best and give the smoothest stopping power. That's a good product too. Got a sportive in March and will definately use the carbons for that. Hope you are coping well! Best, F.


Star Letter:

Hi Derek,

Received the wheels yesterday - fast work and they look beautiful. One thing - they were very cold? I assume they spent the weekend in a courier distribution werehouse somewhere? Hope fully they will be Okies??
I am now thinking a lot about tyres? I’ve seen some Continental GP4Season you reccomend on discount but they are 28mm wide and I’m not sure they will fit on the 25mm rim? - will they? - and what about the “lightbulb” profile, will that change handling?
I’m intending to take them to France and am worried about heat build up too?
How do you find the grip from these tyres? compared to for example the narrower full on race tyres available from Vittoria and even GP4000SII which are also discounted at Ribble right now?
They should handle better and not melt at high temps, being a race tyre - but I could be wrong???
And longevity wise, will they last longer? - rememebering I am only 65kg and don’t use panniers or anything?
Can I ask you one more thing? - how wide are these rims of mine? have you measured them with digital callipers inside and out? What about the brake-ing surface thickness? - longevity estimates there too please?
I understand you are a busy man but I am keen to get going with these beuties.
Regards, J.


Hi Derek, Well - the season is over and I've done an incredible 8,000mls this year! The "West Highland Way" adventure is a chapter of my life I'd rather forget (or write a book about to help with the pain?) but the wheels survived with less scars that me. Just a point about disc brake setup for any readers - break the pads in for some time before travelling!!! Other than that the Aero Disc wheels must be about the best performance upgrade for a disc-bike ever. Fast, light and stronger than me! The hubs haven't budged since I got them. Great stuff. Thanks again, J.


Guys, just a follow-up on the carbon wheels; now done about 3000mls on them and using the SwissStop black pads in France and home. Completely adjusted to them and can't see me using anything else now for racing and the odd sportive. The 38mm profile seems to work for me at about 20mph just like you said and the advantage is tangible. I reckon about 10-15W at 20mph+ and maybe about 1-2mph faster at a constant 350W output, according to the Stages data. Switching back to the R-Sys and that drops considerably (although they are less effective than my Race24s too - spokes maybe??). I find early-morning downhill sessions in Massif Central very easy to live with. As traffic builds though, it gets a bit dangerous there and I'd rather sit back and enjoy the view than risk overheating anything. In that respect, I will order a set of disc wheels with the same rims early season for the Colnago for trips abroad. Overall, one third of the price of ENVE 3.4 and and side-to-side comparisons with my friends, they are almost identical. Same weight too. A good product Derek, well made and feeling good for the years ahead. Cheers and Merry Christmas, G.


Hi Derek,

I just wanted to send a quick email regarding my wheels. They are incredible!  Bombproof and fast and super-stable!  The braking surface is incredibly responsive compared with my old c35's too! I had to tweak the bearing compression to remove a bit of play but I have chris kings on my ENVE 65 race wheels, so this is a 2 minute job with an Allen key in a bench vice. Thanks above all for your honesty and advice.  At no point did I feel up-sold which is all too common in this industry.  You were clear on the limitations of the wheels, took onboard my spec and adjusted my initial enquiry to what we have now, which is the perfect wheel for racing in Belgium next year. A very happy customer.  I will definitely be back for rims and builds in the future and will recommend you guys to my racing pals and other club cyclists. Chuffed to bits! S.


I said that I would give you a written review of your Race 30 rims with Tubeless tyres so here it is.
My tubeless set up is:
·         23mm Hutchinson Fusion 3 Tubeless Road Tyres
·         Effetto Caffe Tubeless Valves
·         No Tube sealant
Fitting the tyres; very difficult as these tyres are very tight and it fitting tubeless is much more difficult with road, rather than mountain bike tyres!
Would I recommend tubeless; absolutely!!!  Most comfortable 23mm tyres that I have ever used,  no punctures after 6 months hard use and they roll extremely well.  I run mine at 85-90 psi.
For general purpose road use, your Race 24s wheels, these tyres and 6 year old titanium race frame are the best all round combination that I have ever had.  A sub-14 hour Tommy Godwin (205mile) challenge time and a 2h 15m Great Manchester (52 mile) finish time confirms this for me.

Thank you for the spokes and your support. Kind regards, A.


Derek, well, I finally got under the hour for the alpe D'huez - and it was definately a lot to do with the wheels. Where I have used R-Sys before and found them tiring under constant power, the Aero38s were completely different - stiffer and spin up faster and the wider rim is more comfortable and the contact patch is bigger. Definately the best climbing set I've used and particularly more responsive than lighter wheels such as ENVE 1.25 and FFWD 1100g jobs I've tried out in the Alps. But the crazy thing which has changed the way I go about choosing bike stuff now is that they are "brandless". OK, DT240s hubs, but I removed the stickers and without fearing "inverted snobbery", I am now completely shying away from the big-brand stuff - as I know now that buying something made by a craftsman for the purpose intended is better, cheaper - you have less overheads, and the level of after-sales is better than anthing I've ever experienced - even Marks and Spencer! Here's to another "record breaking" year. Bye! W.


Derek, cheers for that advice on the wheels. One thing I noticed when fitting the wheels is that they fitted perfectly first time. No adjustmenrts were required for the brakes or the di2 set up. The tolerances must be very fine. I will double check the limit screws are set correctly although the change to the 28 sprocket (how embarassing to admit Im so old I need a 28) seemed fine. G.


Derek, cheers for the help and wheels mate. Thanks for the spoke after the disaster at the nationals too. All well again - wheels are amazing - your service is great. Sorry to hear about yer dad. All the best mate. T.

Wheelsmith/Derek - I am writing to you now a long delayed happiness with my wheels from you. These were the Nemesis/DuraAce wheels I got for my local cobble riding pave at weekends and they ahve been great. I will never again in my short life ever ride clinch tires over these harsh streets again. I use 28mm tubulars from a local shop here - the type my Belgian friends use all the time. This is fantastic - and pleases me greatly for comfort and assurance. You build great wheels are are great to deal with before, during and after that wheels are bought! I will be back as Arnie says. Yours, J.


Yo, Wheelsmith peeps - happy is a man with great performing wheels. Those AERO60s are FAST. I have just got faster - and happier, and more content and - well - just getting on with the job of riding my bike. Those hubs run nice - and I sold my Zipps, which were a cause of great stress in my life. Today I am going to Hamburg with the bike - in the rain. It is 125km and I without flats, I can do this now in 4.5hrs. This is great training for me - and the wheels have let me to do this in a good time where the old ones were holding me back. Having a great time over here - hope you are too. Much wealth and happiness to you and your family - K.

Derek, thanks for the help you gave me with the SON hub. I wasn't expecting the level of after-sales you supplied and I doubt if I would have got this from any of the big stores. My experience of some of the online stores and even local bike sjhops has been incredibly poor in comparison. I don't know how you build wheels and have time to help people out the way you do. Thanks for a great cycling season! Dave.


Derek, I must say how happy we are with the wheels you got for my son. He has progressed well this season and it was a strong decision to make to get him onto a proper set of tubulars. After giving them a go myself, The Aero50 wheelset is markedly faster than a set of Reynolds I have - and more comfortable too. This is not fully realised by H yet as he just gets on with the job of winning races! We noticed how robust they are also as he had the inevitable bout of "offs" found in junior racing. A more fragile pair would have definately bust on one particular occasion - the Wheelsmith wheels were completely unaffected except for a few scuffs. Keep up the good work. PS: my wife's Race30s are bombproof also - a similar pair from PlanetX self-destructed in 1000mls. Cheers! D.


Hi guys, just a note to thanks for your efforts over the last couple of years. I know I've been a pest at times and thanks for putting up with me. Hopefully you don't get too bothered by customers but it is a pleasure to be able to speak to the "MD" and wheelbuilder at the same time. Firstly, the ENVE 3.4 allowed me 3 wins this season - but the more surprising thing is that the Aero38s I got for training are almost identical to ride. So, I will be selling the ENVEs next year and running them and the 60mm Wheelsmiths. It makes sense and I will probably ride harder knowing they are cheaper to fix! Secondly, your level of service and after-sales is the best I have ever experienced. I understand you haven't had the easiest of years personally but this does not reflect in the company or your personal attitude, which has always been exemplary. A testament to British small businesses!

Hi derek. Just like to thank you for the aero 30 wheels you custom built to take my ample frame (95kg). I moved up a group in the pedal power chain gang and finished with them! They fairly fly up hills and I managed 42 mph on a descent scary. Glad I went handbuilt cheers g.


Hi Derek,

Just a very quick update about your Aero 60 wheels. They arrived on Friday, they are Fantastic the ride of them is so stiff and fast that on Saturday's ride my training buddy was spewing at just how fast we was riding..
Those SwissStop black pads are something else too, stopping power to me felt just like ally rims...
Once I get some pictures taken I will send to you for your Gallery...
Thanks Derek for yet again another Fantastic service :)


Hi Derek, Don't know how you do it mate - I have just come back from the Pyrenees and these wheels you made me MADE the holiday - took a little while to make sure everything was safe and proper setup and they were simply magical. I'm after a training pair now - like the Excellights or something. Lost a bit of weight too so now about 73kg. Think I'll still go 32h/32h though - want these to last. The carbons are flying by the way - faster than I can ride them.

Drop us a line about the training wheels. Ta - J.

Dear Derek, It has been a pleasure riding these Aero50's you made me recently and I have now covered about 2000miles with them. The Wheelsmith hubs have had a little TLC and I've cleaned and regreased the freehub - it is like new and the wheels run like new also. I'm going to order another pair for my girlfriend soon, possibly tubular as she does some TT and Tri. Thanks again, F.


Hello Derek, thanks for taking the time to allow me to choose the perfect wheels for me. I believe these 3.4 Enve wheels must be about the best wheels on the market right now for "general" speed work and have already pinned a PB on my local 40 miler. Not too sure about racing with them as some of the guys who turn up need to learn some skills and I fear for my safety never minf my expensive wheels. Thanks ever so much for doing them so quickly, I know you are a busy man. Best, K.

Dear Derek, thanks for making these wheels for my new frame. Everything gels together nicely and although it is a bit of a DIY job with the hydraulic brakes and all, the wheels are simply excellent. It certainly pays to get the right set for the purpose - my ideas of "sub-1300g" were crazy now that I think back, but as the rims are only 350g, disc hub weight isn't going to make much difference to the way the wheels "feel". Discs are the way to go I reckon - absolutely no issues with heat on the rim at any speed. Don't worry mate - I'm taking it easy. Cheers, J.


Hi Derek, those 50 clinchers are great. Had them out last week in awful conditions and cam back feeling really confident now about the braking - the standard pads are fine and I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. Obviously some people on the forums just talk a load of rubbish but there is so much bad info there. The best way to find out is to trust someone who knows and just get on with it. I've shaken what was almost paranoia and just got on with enjoying the ride. These are bloody fast wheels by the way - in a different league to the Mavics and great to know I can get spares too. Cheers mate, T.

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